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Pickling cucumbers are usually shorter than slicing cukes, 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm.) long with thin skins and spines. They often have striated skin coloration with gradations of dark green to light green at the blossom end. They are generally ready for harvest sooner than their slicing cousins but their harvest is shorter, about 7-10 days.

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Green Light Hybrid Cucumber Seeds. 2020 AAS Winner. Our first cucumber specifically bred for stakes or poles! A gigantic yield of 40 fruits per plant, each one super-sweet, crunchy, crisp, spineless, nearly seedless and never needing peeling! Matures quickly after from sowing, so successively sow for a continuous harvest.

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These cucumbers stand out because they measure around 14 inches long and mature in 64 days. 13. Saladmore Bush F1 Cucumbers. Most gardeners opt to grow vining cucumbers rather than bush ones. If you want a bush cucumber variety, Saladmore Bush F1 is a crispy choice that is ideal for salads and fresh eating.

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Green Light Hybrid Cucumber. #02120. Read Reviews | Write a Review. 30 Seeds. $4.95. 30-37 days. 2020 AAS Winner. Compared to similar seedless varieties, yields were higher, maturity was earlier and more attractive, with a superior taste. Pick at 3 to 4" for sweet, crisp mini cukes that can be enjoyed with or without peeling.

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Armenian. Best to pick: When the cuke is anywhere from 11-15 inches, which takes about 55-75 days. With its long, curved shape, the Armenian cucumber has gained the nicknames snake cucumber and snakemelon. The thin skin of an Armenian cucumber will be either a uniform shade of light green, or have light yellow and dark green pinstripes.

Light green cucumbers stock photo. Image of pumpkin 106711600

The light yellow color might lead us to expect a citrusy flavor, but once you try these yellow cucumbers, you'll see that they barely differ from the green variety. The vines are 6-8 feet (1.8-2.4 m) tall and produce yellow flowers in midsummer, late summer, and early fall, meaning there will be plenty of yellow cucumbers in your salads.

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Armenian Cucumbers. Armenian cucumbers are long, thin, and slightly variegated in darker and lighter shades of light green or a yellowish-green. They are delightfully crunchy and are delicious when simply sliced and eaten raw. These cucumbers have very soft seeds and thin skin. They do not require seeding or peeling for eating.

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Phytophthora root rot is a fungal disease that mimics the appearance of drought, causing plant leaves to turn dull green or yellow. Some leaves may also be tinged with red or purple. Root rot is generally a problem in compacted or flooded soils. Only plant cucumbers in loose, well-draining soil. Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not.

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Description. Cucumber beats the comparison varieties with more appealing fruit, earlier maturity and exceptional eating quality. Grow Green Light cucumbers on stakes or poles for a productive, easy-to-harvest vertical garden or on the ground for a sprawling cucumber wonderland. This plant will yield 40 or more spineless fruits per plant.

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Green Light Cucumber Care. Plant cucumbers outside after all danger of frost has passed in the spring and after the soil temperature is above 60 degrees F. Space Green Light plants 12 inches apart on center, or plant in a pot with at least a 10-inch diameter. The soil needs to be well draining and nutrient rich.

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Vigorous vines produce heavy yields of light green, smooth, burpless cucumbers that are mild and sweet, ready to pick in 65 days. You can find seeds in a variety of packet sizes available at True Leaf Market. 12. Poinsett 76 'Poinsett 76' was developed by Dr. Henry Munger of Cornell University in 1976. Eight-inch fruits are tender, with.

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These vine-growing cucumbers can grow up to 14" (35 cm) in length. Their skin is dark-green with light ribbing down the length. One of the reasons to grow this European cucumber variety is that the sturdy vines produce a large yield of cucumbers and they are easy to grow. The long green cucumbers grow well in greenhouses and climbing up.

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Ashley-an heirloom cucumber with a thin, light green skin; Straight 8-an heirloom cucumber that is best harvested young; Marketmore 76-a hearty variety that is resistant to disease, mildew, and weather; Muncher-an heirloom cuke that never needs peeling and is almost seedless when picked early;

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Grow Green Light on stakes or poles for a productive, easy-to-harvest vertical garden that will yield 40 or more spineless fruits per plant. Pick the fruits when they're small, between 3-4" long, and you'll be rewarded with great-tasting cucumbers, even without peeling. Succession plantings will ensure a summer-long harvest.

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Burpless #26. The Burpless #26 cultivar produces fruits that can grow up to 12 inches. However, the height of its mild flavor can be tasted from fruits that are only 10 inches long. A hint of bitterness can be found on longer fruits. Burpless #26 cucumbers have dark green skin and grow on long vines that require lightweight overhead supports.

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Product Description. Brought from Armenia to Italy in the 1400s, this cucumber's unique shape and light green color have led some growers to refer to it as the Serpent Cucumber. These burpless cucumbers have tender skin and a mild flavor that lacks bitterness. Fruits grow straight if hung from a trellis but twist and turn if grown on the ground.