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MyHerbsNow Dryer Review Tried and Tested 3x. Whats going on guys! I want to post this for everyone who has or had trouble drying in the past. I will admit that i suck at hang drying. I live in south Ga and its expensive having to run an AC unit 24/7. I have my grow room environment dialed in to a constant 70-78F and RH fluctuates between 45-55%.

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Turn the dryer off after 24hrs, and it basically matches the drying speed of hang drying except you've rushed through the high moisture danger zone. Terps and smoke seem unaffected (subjective). at 75F/50%RH, the time to dry to 50% of wet weight is 33hrs hanging and 22hrs in the dryer. at 75F/50%RH, the time to 25% of wet weight hanging is 67hrs.

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Perfect Your Drying Process with the Original HerbsNOW Dryer. Take the guesswork and unreliability out of your process with an automated, regulated, tried and true way to dry your herbs perfectly every time. Scientifically designed to optimize your yield, the HerbsNow Dryer creates a controlled drying environment that uses multi-directional.

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The HerbsNOW dryer utilizes both vertical and rotational air flow with a low pre-set temperature in the drying chamber to properly dry your herbs. It contains a timer with a default setting of 96 hours to maximize the ease of use and effectiveness of the unit. Once the timer goes off, the unit will automatically shut down.

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Stop using ancient methods, hang drying your plants step into the New World with Herbsnow dryer. This is my honest review as a loyal customer.

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They really are a game changer for tent growers and they could really help when using your tent for drying too. -don't over dry. At 60 degrees and 60% humidity this generally isn't a concern, but if you aren't able to get your conditions that ideal, you may have to make a judgement call about when to jar up your bud.

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Are you looking for a fast and easy way to dry your herbs? Check out the HerbsNow herb dryer, a product that claims to dry your herbs in hours, not days. Read the reviews from verified customers who have tried this innovative device and see how it works for them. Compare it with other herb drying racks and find the best option for your needs.

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The HerbsNOW dryer gives you the perfect environment to dry your weed every time. Using advanced technology, HerbsNOW provides you with a pre-set, ideal temp.

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the 10-15% of moisture content i was worried about is just that. its 10-15% in the STEM not the flower. but in that range is what causes the stems to break (with stings and not allowing the bud to rise back to the stem) vs snapping (two complete separate pieces upon being bent) like other bud driers do.

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Supporter. May 5, 2020. #4. Slow dry the buds, 50-65% for about 8-10 days, usually I go 45% first day, then every day I up 5-% to get to 62% , temp wise 70+/-5 dgF. Fans moving air in room. And then just watch em dry! Typically 2 weeks to get the perfect dry.

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It dries perfectly. A lot of these comments have more to do with curing than the actual dry eg hay smell. 3. The racks/trays from food dehydrators fit perfectly with herbs dry now. They do not have a break away center though. They're a lot cheaper, in case you need more trays/racks.

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It is basically an altered food dehydrator that runs at a very low temperature (typical dehydrators only go down to about 100F/38C while this one runs at around 80F). It is also on a 96-hour timer and buds are dried and ready to start curing in 4 days for most people. Note: The HerbsNow only dries buds.

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Ready.Set.Grow! Kit $30.00. HerbsNOW Herb Dryer. $ 189.99. The Original HerbsNOW Herb Dryer helps you to achieve consistent drying every time using a low, pre-set temperature, along with multi-directional airflow. HerbsNOW provides you quicker, more efficient herb drying every time. The HerbsNOW herb dryer offers you consistent, high quality.

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About this product. The HerbsNOW dryer is America's first cannabis-specific dryer. Made for growers by growers. HerbsNOW operates with a low pre-set temperature that is ideal for perfectly drying.

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It would have a great smell but not club quality. As soon as I got dryer notice right away how much better the same strain was. I will never hang dry again. It dry consistently, small amount of dry time. This is not a food dehydrator it is different, both the smell taste was on point, the texture was perfect.

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HerbsNOW Herb Dryer with USB - BACK IN STOCK! $ 199.99. The HerbsNOW Herb Dryer with USB port gives you the consistent drying you expect from the original HerbsNOW, plus the convenience of a ready-to-use USB port for even more customized herb drying. Use it to add a USB-powered humidifier or air filter, or simply use it to charge your phone.