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Use kid-approved variety of cheeses like cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, Monterey Jack, and mozzarella string cheese. Add crackers, breadsticks, their favorite fruits, and spring veggies. For added fun, build it on a cute Easter wooden board! Easter Bunny Serving Platter. $29.99 $22.99.

DIY Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas

Easter Egg Cheese Board. This next Easter charcuterie board idea is sure to make an impression. The 'Easter Egg Cheese Board', an irresistible masterpiece that'll take you away into a world of sharp, tangy cheeses and vibrant, Easter egg-inspired aesthetics. This Easter charcuterie board appetizer is a must-have for your Easter meal.

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1. Prepare a clean wooden board to make the arrangements on. Cut out the body, head, and ears in the shape of a bunny out of gouda cheese. 2. Create a "pillow" under the bunny ears and head using parsley and broccoli florets to add some greenery to your board. 3. Use beef ham for the inside of the ears and the nose.

DIY Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas

Here are some bunny-shaped items you can consider adding to your board: 1. Bunny-shaped crackers or chips: These can be used to add a savory crunch to your charcuterie board while also adding an adorable touch. 2. Bunny-shaped cheese: Use a bunny-shaped cookie cutter to cut cheese into bunny shapes. 3.

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Layer the cheese on the board. 4. Add the crackers and pretzels to the board. 5. Finish with almonds and grapes. After the Easter board has been picked over the rest of the tray can be covered in plastic wrap or placed in an airtight container to store. The shape of the platter gives this charcuterie this fun Easter bunny look.

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Kid-Friendly Easter Charcuterie Board. With everything from cheddar bunny crackers, to Cadbury mini eggs, cheese, fruit, and veggies, there's something for the whole family on this Easter grazing board. Set it out while you're dyeing Easter eggs, and everyone can snack while they work. 25. Peeps & Sweets Dessert Board.

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You don't want the cheese to brown, just melt. While still hot, use the back of a spoon to press the mozzarella into the crevices of the mold, blotting with paper towel if needed. Place in the fridge until set, about 5 minutes. Remove from molds and store in the refrigerator until ready to build the board.

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Easter Charcuterie Board: There are a lot of ideas on what and how you can make a dessert and candy board for the Easter holiday but here is a simple and easy way to create your own!. Quick Overview: Feel free to change up candies, cookies, snacks, and more for your own board.TIP: Using store-bought decorated cookies (like these Chocolate Covered Easter Oreos or making these Easter Bunny.

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Instructions. Select your board, then add piles of cheese in different sections of the board as anchors. Add small dishes of honeycomb and jam. Fill the rest of the board with fruit, vegetables, nuts crackers, and candy. Layer and overlap when needed; step back to view the board from afar to spot any slim spots.

An Exceptional Easter Bunny Charcuterie Board! Deepfrieddiamonds

What You'll Need. Board or Platter: Any shape and size will work. You can make a small board featuring one cheese bunny or a larger board featuring multiples. Round Cheese: Any round shaped cheeses you like for the bunny heads Some examples include: brie, camembert, provolone, etc. In the board shown above, I included 3: brie, smoked gruyere and provolone.

Easter Charcuterie Board Beaus and Ashley

Fold the meat into quarters and use a long wood skewer to hold the meat. Place the meat skewer on the board. Place the variety of small cheese chunks on the board. Using the mozzarella balls rim the bunny ears. Fill in the bunny ears with the small chunks of cantaloupe. Place the various fruits on the board to fill in the blanks.

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Simple Crudités Platter. Snap peas, carrots, peppers, radishes, and cucumbers all make great veggie options for this spring-inspired board. Add a bowl of your favorite dip, then fill in extra space with some pita wedges, olives, bunches of grapes, and cubes of feta sprinkled throughout.

An Exceptional Easter Bunny Charcuterie Board! Deepfrieddiamonds

You can choose a regular board and add cute bowls to it. Mash the blueberry goat cheese with a fork and place in one recess. Place the Easter candy, nuts, and mozzarella in the other three cavities. Unwrap the Camembert. Cut the cheese in half. Cut one of the halves into 6 pieces. Set one part aside.

An Exceptional Easter Bunny Charcuterie Board! Deepfrieddiamonds

A feast for the eyes as much as it is for the tongue, these boards take the idea of Easter nibbles to soaring new heights, featuring perfectly sliced meats, delightful cheeses adorned with fruits and nuts, and, of course, a smattering of themed confections, like chocolate eggs and marshmallow bunnies! Instructions & inspiration here.

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This fun Easter charcuterie board adds a festive upgrade to the traditional veggie tray. This simple Easter bunny is made out of ranch dip, cauliflower, and crackers for ears. The veggie bow tie is a great addition in my opinion. Overall this board is an easy and fun way to get people to enjoy their vegetables.

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A fun charcuterie board that includes a salami rose, cheese, marshmallow Peeps, edible Easter grass nests, and even some extra sweet springtime chocolate bars. Krazy Kitchen Mom has the perfect mix of salty and sweet for this Easter charcuterie board idea. An Easter charcuterie board where even the grass is edible. 28.