Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe Builds, Moveset, Combos, and Tips (2023)

In this Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe guide, we will let you know about all the combos and moveset of Switch Axe in MH Rise, and we will also tell you how you can use Switch Axe in the best way possible.

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe

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The Switch Axe is one of Monster Hunter Rise’s most bizarre weapons. Switch Axe can cause a great deal of damage to your enemies in a very short period of time, and that’s why it’s the most reliable and the most used weapon in Monster Hunter Series.

Switch Axe Controls

Switch Axe Basic Attacks

These are some basic attacks with the Switch Axe in MH Rise. We have listed button mappings for both the Nintendo Switch and PC for your convenience.

Attack Switch Controls PC Controls
Overhead Smash X Left Click
Wild Swing A Right Click
Rising Slash X + A Left Click + Right Click
Forward Slash Left Stick + X Direction Button + Left Click
Switch Charger zL + A Middle Click + Right Click
Invincible Gambit zL + X Middle Click + Left Click
Morph/Reload zR MB4

Suggested Switch Axe Combos

Utilizing the right attacks can elevate your Switch Hammer’s performance and provide you with better benefits than any weapon present in the game. Here are some deadly combos that can guarantee you a win from your Switch Axe.

Combo Switch Controls PC Controls
Standard Sword Combo A >X >A >X Right Click + Left Click + Right Click + Left Click
High Damage Combo A > zR axe form >zR sword form A Right click + MB4 axe form +MB4 sword form + Right Click
Rapid Element DischargeCombo A> X> A> Down + X>(zL + A) Right Click + Left Click + Right Click + S + Left Click + Middle Click + Right Click
Heavy Slam Combo A (x2) > X> zR> A> (zR) Right Click x2+ Left Click+ MB4+ Right Click+ MB4

How to use Switch Axe Switch Skills

As you progress through the MH Rise and go up the levels, you’ll finally unlock the Switch Skills.

One of the first Switch Skill you’ll be acquiring is when you complete the ‘3-star Village Urgent Quest.’ This Switch Skill is available under the name of ‘Feathered Frenzy.’

(Video) MHRise: Sunbreak - Switch Axe Weapon Combo Guide for Beginners

Here are some of our recommended Switch Skills for their respective slots.

Original Skill Switch Skill Switch Controls PC Controls
Forward Slash Forward Overhead Slash Up + X Up + X
Invincible Gambit Soaring Wyvern Blade Middlie Click + Left Click Jump Up+ press X for a Forward Slash.
Finishing Discharge Compressed Finishing Discharge X Left Click
Invincible Gambit Wirestep zL+X (Use L for direction)
Switch Charger Elemental Burst Counter Zl+A (Use ZR for direction)
Axe: Wide Sweep 2-Staged Morph Slash Combo Wild Swing > ZR Axe Morph Slash> ZR Sword Morph Slash II

Switch Axe Silkbind Attacks

Here are our top 3 picks for the Switch Axe’s Silkbind attacks. We’ve again provided both the PC and Switch controls for your convenience. These attacks will surge up your Switch Axe’s performance and help you do less work and get max effect!

Attack Switch Controls PC Controls
Switch Charger zL + A Middle Click + Right Click
Invincible Gambit zL + X Middle Click + Left Click
Soaring Wyvern Blade (Can be switched with Invincible Gambit) zL + X Middle Click + Left Click

Switch Charger

As this attack is launched and the Switch Gauge is regenerated, you’re pushed forward through the help of a Wirebug. Meanwhile, it also benefits you by negating the Switch Gauge for a short while. This will allow you to go all-in with your sword mode, so while you have it, go crazy!

Invincible Gambit

This attack is a forward-moving attack that lets you slash your sword three times without any hindrance. It also guarantees you knock-back protection, which is ideal when dealing with enemies that take a little too much time to kill.

Soaring Wyvern Blade

This attack consists of upwards slashes with the help of a wirebug which then turns to a forward slash. And as soon as you land a forward slash, boom! You’re granted with the Activation Guage that fills up and creates an explosion that helps eliminate the enemy.

Elemental Burst Counter

This attack is sued to compress switch gauge energy which will let out in the form of an Elemental Burst. If the Elemental Burst is released at the exact moment when the monster performs an attack, then you’ll perform a Power Finisher which will cause your switch axe to enter amped mode.

Best Switch Axe Builds

We will mention builds that are suitable for quests of different difficulties, as well as the end game that utilizes Switch Axes.

(Video) MHR Switch Axe Beginner Guide for 2023

Switch Axe Build for 2 Star Quests

This Switch Axe build is most suitable when dealing with 2 Star Quests.


  • Weapon: Proto Iron Axe II
  • Head: Izuchi Helm
  • Chest: Hunter’s Mail
  • Arms: Alloy Vambraces
  • Waist: Alloy Coil
  • Legs: Baggi Greaves

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 44
  • Fire: -4
  • Water: -2
  • Thunder: -5
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 1
  • Attack Boost Lvl 2
  • Critical Eye Lvl 3
  • Water Attack Lvl 1

Switch Axe Build for 4 Star Quests

This Switch Axe build is most suitable when dealing with 4 Star Quests.


  • Weapon: Improved Steel Axe
  • Head: Barroth Helm
  • Chest: Volvidon Mail
  • Arms: Bnahabra Gloves
  • Waist: Volvidon Coil
  • Legs: Volvidon Greaves

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 93
  • Fire: 2
  • Water: -9
  • Thunder: 4
  • Ice: -3
  • Dragon: 6
  • Rapid Morph Lvl 2 Attack
  • Boost Lvl 1 Evade
  • Window Lvl 1
  • Evade Extender Lvl 1

Switch Axe Build for End Game Activities

This Switch Axe build is most suitable when doing end-game activities.

(Video) Optimize Your Switch Axe - Complete Beginner's Guide On How To Play Switch Axe - Monster Hunter Rise


  • Weapon: Sinister Shadowslice
  • Head: Almudron Helm S
  • Chest: Anja Mail S
  • Arms: Almudron Vambraces S
  • Waist: Khezu Coil S
  • Legs: Ludroth Greaves S

Stat Distribution

  • Defense: 275
  • Fire: -12
  • Water: 8
  • Thunder: 8
  • Ice: -3
  • Dragon: -3
  • Focus Lvl 3
  • Rapid Morph Lvl 3
  • Power Prolonger Lvl 2
  • Evade Window Lvl 2
  • Slugger Lvl 3
  • Marathon Runner Lvl 1

Best Switch Axes in MH Rise

Here are our top 3 recommendations for Switch Axes in MH Rise.

Rex Gnasher

It is hands down one of the best Switch Axes in Mh Rise. You’re in for a great game experience if you get your hands on it. It can stun the monsters, which provides you with the extra time to give them max damage, and it also drains their energy instantly if you land successful hits.


Now it’s used as a support weapon; however, having it in your secondary slot does you wonders! It has high base attacks, and it also exhausts the enemy giving you the instant advantage to provide them with more damage. You can also elevate your experience with it by boosting it with the Boost Equipped Coating.

Sinister Shadowslice

This bad boy can give upto 200 raw damage with some blast on the side. It has the explosive ailment to it, which is always great to have, and it’s efficient than most of the axes avaible in the MH Rise, which makes it easier to pick this when the choice is given. It also comes with the Soul Rampage skill, which boosts up your damage towards the enemies.

Switch Axe Weapon Trees

We’ve listed all the Switch Axe in MH Rise under their respective trees below.

(Video) MHRise | Switch Axe Tutorial

Switch Axe Kamura Tree

  • Kamura Iron Axe
  • Kamura Ninja Axe
  • Fond Farewell
  • Parting Slice
  • Rath Flamesplitter
  • Rath Blaze Splitter
  • Wheel Axe
  • Axe of Wisdom
  • Delex Sail
  • Delex Cleaver
  • Khezu Axe
  • Khezu Cleaver
  • Arzuros Axe
  • Arzuros Revelax
  • Amber Slash
  • Amber Hoarfrost

Switch Axe Ore Tree

  • Proto Iron Axe
  • Improved Steel Axe
  • Elite Switch Axe
  • Czar Switch Axe
  • Limus Os
  • Luto Ascia
  • Dragonmaiden Axe
  • Griõr’s Landmaker
  • General’s Strongaxe
  • Conqueress
  • The Shredder
  • Ash Drache
  • Fall Drache
  • Almudron Axe
  • Doom Bringer Axe
  • Axenosom
  • Daybreak Silvaris
  • Assault Axe
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Snowfall Axe
  • Dewdrop Dream

Switch Axe Bone Tree

  • Bone Axe
  • Daidalos Axe
  • Power Gasher
  • Maximal Gasher
  • Flammenbeil
  • Gnashing Flammenbeil
  • Rex Slasher
  • Rex Gnasher
  • Axe Semper Tyrannis
  • Grand Chaos
  • Venom Hatchet
  • Mortal Serpent
  • Hidden Axe
  • Night’s Crescent
  • Binding Roller
  • Vermilingua
  • Ludroth Axe
  • Splish Splax
  • Usurper’s Downpour
  • Despot’s Cloudburst
  • Longear Axe
  • Longear Weiss

Switch Axe Tips

The Switch Axe can be transformed into a sword. It is critical to learn how to use this weapon by switching between modes(Sword and Axe) during combos. Axe mode is the default mode and has a long reach while in the Sword mode, your attacks can’t be deflected. The Axe mode allows for quick evasion and meaty chop attacks.

Utilize the Switch Gauge

In Axe mode, your main goal should be to fill the Switch gauge. Every time you hit with your Switch Axe, the Switch Gauge gets filled, and once it is filled up to a certain extent, you will be able to switch to Sword Mode.

Sword Mode makes you move slower than usual, but your attacks become fast and destructive.Swordcan’t get deflected by any monster body parts. While in Sword mode, you have to keep an eye on Switch Gauge because it depletes the Switch Gauge with your every attack.

Elemental Discharge

Elemental Discharge deals a huge amount of damage to your enemies, and every time an elemental discharge is launched, energy gets depleted from the Switch Gauge. Once the Switch Gauge gets depleted completely, you will switch to Axe Mode, but you still have to do a reload animation with Phials, and that will make you vulnerable against enemy attacks.

Phials and Amped State

Phials are used to add different bonuses to Switch Axe. By reloading Phials, you can exhaust a monster and can also raw or elemental damage to your enemies.

You will have to trigger the Amped State in Sword Mode in order to trigger the Phial.

Once activated, all modes and the new sword mode attack will be affected by the Phial. You can directly stab the creature and fire the Elemental Discharge. Amped State is the state that you can enter by filling the Switch Gauge and will allow you to attack with both Axe and Sword. But it only lasts for 45 seconds.

(Video) MHRise | NEW 2.0 OP Meta SWITCH AXE Builds | Monster Hunter Rise Guide モンハンライズ スラアク MHR

Make sure to stock up on healing objects and dodge the attacks as much as possible. Don’t get too anxious and start slashing just because it’s easy.


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