How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (2023)

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Instagram is one of the most popular and highly used social media platforms today, which makes it a great place to start when looking to increase brand awareness. With over a billion active monthly users, Instagram allows businesses to reach a wide audience and share content that potential customers can view. So you may be wondering how to make money on Instagram and leverage it to grow your business.

Luckily, there are several ways to monetize Instagram, such as sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, selling products and services directly through your profile or website, and leveraging influencer partnerships.

So read on for 11 ways to leverage and earn money on Instagram for all types of entrepreneurs and business owners.


  • How to Make Money on Instagram: 11 Great Ways
  • 1. Promote and Sell Your Merch
  • 2. Create a Subscription Model
  • 3. Join Affiliate Programs
  • 4. Work As an Influencer
  • 5. Turn On Live Badges
  • 6. Work As a Social Media Manager
  • 7. Sell Digital Products
  • 8. Offer Coaching and Online Courses
  • 9. Monetize Your Story Highlights
  • 10. Host Giveaways and Contests
  • 11. Leverage Instagram Ads
  • The Bottom Line: How To Make Money On Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram: 11 Great Ways

Check out the list and see which best fit your skillsets.

Who knows, maybe you can even combine some ideas!

1. Promote and Sell Your Merch

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (1)

Instagram is a great place to promote and sell your personal brand. You can use your Instagram account to share product details and redirect the audience to your website.

Another way to monetize from this platform is to create a business account. You can track engagement metrics and create an Instagram shop to sell products.

An Instagram shop is a great way to give your followers an engaging shopping experience. You can create a shoppable post and tag it with the relevant product catalog that users can access once they tap on it. The handy feature makes selling faster and more convenient.

(Video) Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 5 Proven Strategies

What's more, you don't have to spend much on advertising. Photos and videos uploaded by your Instagram followers are proof of your product's success. You can reshare them on your Instagram profile and expect to receive more orders as customers praise and recommend your products.

2. Create a Subscription Model

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (2)

You can make money on Instagram by opting for a subscription-based model. It works by providing your engaged followers access to exclusive content in return for a monthly subscription fee.

A subscription model will provide you with two essential benefits:

  1. Secure a monthly income - you can choose the amount to charge for the subscription and receive money directly from Instagram.
  2. Connect with your followers - you can appreciate and respond to your fans who pay to watch your content. You can also receive valuable insights to plan your content strategy.

3. Join Affiliate Programs

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (3)

According to Glassdoor, affiliate marketers earn an average income of $56,149 in the United States. This makes it a great Instagram monetization idea to generate a steady passive income.

Unlike influencer marketing, where you receive a one-time payment for promoting the product, affiliate marketing involves receiving a commission on each sale. You can use your unique affiliate link or coupon code to generate sales and increase your earnings.

As Instagram does not allow clickable links in posts, you can use different methods to reach your audience. Try using the affiliate link in your Instagram story or use the coupon code in different posts.

Stick To Your Values

Another thing to remember when working as an affiliate is to stay firm in your values. Don't just join an affiliate program to receive a commission. Followers can quickly apprehend genuine promotions from money-making ones. Be a part of an affiliate program that aligns with your interests and values.

Want to dive even deeper into the potential of these programs? Check out this complete guide to Instagram affiliate marketing.

4. Work As an Influencer

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (4)

Influencer marketing is one of the top ways to make money on Instagram. You can partner with your favorite brand and be a brand ambassador promoting products, services, or campaigns.

Influencers are highly sought after by brands due to their power to influence purchasing decisions. According to The Social Shepherd, 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations when buying a product. Therefore, it is a wise idea to collaborate and create sponsored content with brands that you believe in.

Influencer marketing has a high earning potential, but it takes considerable time and effort to build your Instagram profile. You need to post regularly and create engaging content to attract more followers to your account. You'll also want to learn how to become an influencer by taking courses, joining influencer forums, and reading up on the best practices.

Instagram requires influencers to disclose any paid partnership or sponsored posts. So it is a good idea to include relevant hashtags and captions with your Instagram video or post.

(Video) 11 Ways to Turn Instagram into a Money-Making Bank | How to Earn Money from Instagram in 2023

How Many Followers Do I Need to Get Started As an Influencer?

Once you have reached a minimum of 1000 followers, you're recognized as a nano influencer. You can use the account metrics, such as engagement rate, to directly contact brands for sponsorship or decide on what to charge per post. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Nano influencers with 1000-10,000 followers typically charge $10-$100 per post.

5. Turn On Live Badges

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (5)

You can enable badges on your Instagram Live to earn instant money. This Instagram monetization feature is currently only available for users in the United States.

Followers can show their immediate support and appreciation by selecting one of the 3 heart levels:

  • 1 badge for $0.99
  • 2 badges for $1.99
  • 3 badges for $4.99

During Livestream, the viewer's badge is displayed next to their comments. Content creators love this new method of praise which allows for earning a decent amount of money in a relatively short period.

6. Work As a Social Media Manager

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (6)

It is a good idea to apply your social media marketing skills to help grow the Instagram account of an influencer.

According to Glassdoor, Social media managers earn an average salary of $57,841 in the United States. You can fix an hourly charge for your services as a part-time employee or consider working full-time.

Social media managers are responsible for producing content, reviewing analytics, and engaging with followers. You can also develop strategies that can help build and expand followers.

Working as a social media manager is scalable when you use software services to help automate your operations. Read this Meet Edgar review to learn about how you can reduce the busy work and earn more in this role.

7. Sell Digital Products

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (7)

Selling digital products is another great way to make money on Instagram. Digital products include anything that does not exist in a physical form. Music, videos, design templates, and logos are all recognized as digital items.

With digital products, you don't have to stock up on inventory or deal with shipping charges. So it’s a high-profit margin business and doesn't require much overhead or space for inventory.

If you are an expert in video editing or have a knack for designing websites or logos, you can demonstrate your ability by creating and selling beautiful Instagram reels. This helps creators to gain a massive fan following and boost sales for their business, so savvy designs are sought-after by many content creators.

Many influencers offer digital products that match their content. For instance, food bloggers have started selling their recipes via Instagram Shop. They don't cost much to create or buy, and users get hold of recipes from their favorite influencers.

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8. Offer Coaching and Online Courses

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (8)

Another way to earn money on Instagram is by offering coaching services. Popular coaching topics include health and wellness, parenting, relationships, and empowerment.

You can create short Instagram reels focusing on specific issues and list further details in captions. Instagram captions are a great way to expand on your post. You can also use the space to redirect them to your website and let them know about the courses you are offering.

What's great about this is that you don't necessarily have to offer direct support to the user. You can prepare course materials in advance and the recipient can download files once payment is processed.

9. Monetize Your Story Highlights

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (9)

In 2017, Instagram added a new feature to its social media platform - Story Highlights. These are different from the regular story updates that disappear within 24 hours. Story highlights are a group of stories indefinitely added to your Instagram account, just underneath the bio.

Content creators now have the opportunity to redirect their followers to other websites or platforms. Unlike your bio, where you can only place one URL, story highlights can include unlimited links. You can create an eye-catching highlight image with a meaningful name that gives an overview of your story.

You can monetize from the story highlights by including affiliate links to the various affiliate programs you have joined. It is also a great place to announce new products and includes URLs to the selected pages you want your audience to check out.

10. Host Giveaways and Contests

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (10)

Once you have acquired the status of a reputable Instagram influencer, you can host giveaways and contests to increase your account reach and following.

You can partner with brands that are similar to your interests and that have similar brand values.

Giveaways and contests are a great way to increase follower count. To participate, users must show engagement by following accounts, reacting to the post, and inviting their friends to join as well.

11. Leverage Instagram Ads

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023: 11 Proven Strategies (11)

Ads on Instagram have an active user reach of 96.6%. You can use this feature to promote your Instagram account.

An Instagram ad is a relatively quick way to reach your target audience. The platform generally places ads based on products or services the user has searched for earlier.

Thus, by using retargeted ads Instagram gives content creators a higher chance of connecting to the desired Instagram user. You can select the maximum budget you would like to spend along with how long you would like the campaign to last.

Instagram ads do not guarantee immediate results, but they are a great way to create brand awareness. It can help increase visitors to your account and also generate site traffic.

(Video) 5 ways to make money from Instagram Reels.

The Bottom Line: How To Make Money On Instagram

Making money on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult. You can take advantage of the platform’s many features like stories and highlights to promote your products.

Which method for monetizing Instagram is going to depend on the type of business you have. You'll want to make sure to choose an approach that best suits your needs and one that will help you achieve long-term success.

And remember, the key to making money on Instagram is consistency and creating great content that will draw people in. With the right strategy and dedication, you can make a profit and even turn Instagram into a successful standalone business.

Good luck!

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How to earn $500 from Instagram? ›

How to Make Money on Instagram with 500 Followers: 7 Effective Strategies
  1. 1 Use affiliate links.
  2. 2 Add a virtual tip jar to your bio.
  3. 3 Set up an Instagram store.
  4. 4 Drive traffic to your monetized accounts.
  5. 5 Advertise your services on Instagram.
  6. 6 Become a brand ambassador.
  7. 7 Take advantage of sponsored posts.

How to make money on social media 2023? ›

How to Make Money on Social Media
  1. Paid Memberships. ...
  2. Affiliate Marketing. ...
  3. Brand Sponsorships and Brand Deals. ...
  4. Influencer Marketing. ...
  5. Sponsored Content. ...
  6. Sell Your Own Stuff. ...
  7. Cross-Platform Audience Building.
Jan 21, 2023

How to make money with Instagram fast? ›

How to make money on Instagram
  1. Collaborate with brands on sponsored posts.
  2. Become an affiliate.
  3. Open your own ecommerce store.
  4. Create an Instagram shop.
  5. Sell your photos online.
  6. Monetize your content.
  7. Sell old stuff.
Oct 21, 2022

How to earn $1,000 dollars from Instagram? ›

  1. Affiliate links. You might already know this, but you can use affiliate links to monetise your Instagram easily. ...
  2. Drive traffic to affiliate post. ...
  3. Sponsored posts. ...
  4. Brand deals for content only. ...
  5. Sell a physical product. ...
  6. Sell a digital product. ...
  7. Sell a niche service. ...
  8. Offer social media services.
Jul 26, 2021

Is it too late to become an influencer in 2023? ›

It's never too late to become an influencer, especially if you have a niche in mind. In 2023, more and more nano influencers will become popular as a way for marketers to reach targeted audiences.

Where will Instagram pay me? ›

With most monetization products, you will be paid once you've earned at least $25. For Charities, this threshold is $100. Meta will pay you in USD and will be sent to the bank or PayPal account you linked to your payout account. Any conversions to your local currency will be completed by your bank or PayPal account.

How will Instagram pay me? ›

Instagram allows you to earn money with the help of IGTV Ads, Branded Content, Badges, Shopping, and Affiliate Marketing.

How much insta pays for 1,000 views? ›

$10 – $100 for 1000 to 10,000 followers. $250 – $750 per 1000 engagements (or $0.25 – $0.75 per post engagement).

What will make me rich in 2023? ›

10 Ways for Millennials To Get Rich in 2023
  • Become a Realtor. “Becoming a realtor is one of the quickest and most lucrative ways for millennials to generate wealth fast,” said Marcus P. ...
  • Start a Digital Company. ...
  • Become a Consultant. ...
  • Start a Small Business. ...
  • Invest In Real Estate.
Jan 27, 2023

What is the next big social media platform 2023? ›

Meanwhile, in its 2023 social media trends predictions, Hootsuite claims that TikTok will become the number one social media network.

How fast can you make money on Instagram? ›

Micro-influencers (accounts with one thousand to ten thousand followers earn on average $1,420 per month, and mega-influencers (accounts with over one million followers) earn about $15,356 per month.

When Instagram start paying you? ›

With most monetization products, you will be paid once you've earned at least $100 in revenue. For Charities, this threshold is either $100, £100, or €100. If you're a US creator earning with Subscriptions or badges, you'll receive your payment once you've earned at least $25.

How much Instagram pays per month? ›

Instagrammers will get paid different amounts of money depending on how many followers they have. For example, Instagrammers with less than 10,000 followers will make around $88 per post. The Instagrammers with less than 100,000 followers will make $200 per post on average, though it depends on the profile.

Does Instagram pay you for reels? ›

Instagram Reels Play is an invite-only bonus program that lets you earn money on your reels content. If you are invited, you will receive a pop-up notification and an invite that appears in your Professional Dashboard on the Instagram app.

Is Instagram worth it 2023? ›


That same study cites Instagram as the most popular social media channel for influencer marketing, with 68% of marketing specialists considering it essential for their campaigns. Instagram continues to roll out features to make life easier for influencers and brands.

What are the trends for influencers in 2023? ›

We're seeing a growing trend in influencers starting their own businesses, offering services, and selling their own products, digital and physical ones. This is common for niche profiles focusing on personal development, financial advice, nutrition, and spiritual awakening, but also works for other niches.

What is the future of Instagram 2023? ›

There Will Be More Focus on (Instagram) Video

Along with the increase in Instagram Live and Instagram Reels content, keep your eyes on Instagram Video going into 2023. With Meta encouraging Instagram to make more use of video so that it can rival TikTok, video content will continue to dominate.

How can I make quick cash? ›

20 Ways to Make Quick Cash
  1. Sell unwanted items.
  2. Sell gift cards.
  3. Sell concert tickets.
  4. Ask for a raise.
  5. Borrow money.
  6. Reduce expenses.
  7. Take a survey.
  8. Get a side gig.

Does Instagram pay you for likes? ›

No. Instagram is never paying you, so you need to be creative.

How many followers before Instagram pays you? ›

The good news is, there's no strict minimum. Five influencers Insider interviewed — all with under 6,000 Instagram followers — said they got paid by brands to post to their small audiences.

How many views on reels to get paid? ›

Instagram will pay out on Reels that get at least 1,000 views over a 30-day period.

How much does IG pay per post? ›

How much does Instagram pay per post? Just how much money you can make on Instagram depends on the influencer, their level of commitment, and the uniqueness of their Instagram content and audience. While some brands pay anything from $5 to $10 per thousand followers, others offer $100 for every 100 followers you have.

Does Instagram pay money for posts? ›

Depending on your unique brand of Instagram content, your audience, and your level of commitment, you can make money on Instagram in the following ways: Doing sponsored posts for brands that want to get in front of your audience. Becoming an affiliate and making a commission selling other brands' products.

How much Instagram pays for 10m views? ›

I made a total of $0 from those 10 million total views. Unlike TikTok, Instagram Reels lack the creator fund feature. This means that you don't get paid by reel plays, even after 10 million views.

How to succeed in 2023? ›

16 Coach-Recommended Strategies To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2023
  1. Practice Mindfulness That Places Attention Internally. ...
  2. Create Personal And Professional Goals. ...
  3. Decide Where To Put In The Most Effort. ...
  4. Plan A Trip That Includes Both Business And Pleasure. ...
  5. Start Reflecting On 2022 Before January.
Dec 22, 2022

How many hashtags should I use on Instagram 2023? ›

How Many Instagram Hashtags Should I Use? Instagram lets you include up to 30 hashtags in their post captions. However, the Instagram Creators account has advised users to stick to a 3-5 hashtag limit in captions.

How do you become an Instagram influencer in 2023? ›

How to become an influencer on Instagram?
  1. Find your Instagram niche. ...
  2. Make sure that Instagram is the right channel for you. ...
  3. Set up your Instagram profile. ...
  4. Instagram was made for socializing – so be social. ...
  5. Don't stress about the numbers. ...
  6. Share good content on a consistent basis. ...
  7. Level up your Instagram content.

What is the fastest growing social app? ›

The latest data shows that the fastest-growing social network is TikTok.

How to become a social media influencer in 2023? ›

How To Become an Influencer on Instagram in 2023
  1. Know Your Niche.
  2. Create Content Pillars.
  3. Optimize Your Profile.
  4. Produce Great Content.
  5. Develop a Hashtag Strategy.
  6. Build a Community.
  7. Understand Your Audience.
  8. Network with Brands.

How much does Instagram pay an hour? ›

How Much Does Instagram Pay Hourly In California? Instagram pays $28 hourly in California, which is 18% above the national average.

Who is the highest paid influencer? ›

20 Highest-Paid Instagram Influencers
  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) Number of Followers: 545 M. ...
  2. Leo Messi (@leomessi) Number of Followers: 427 M. ...
  3. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) ...
  4. Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) ...
  5. Dwayne Johson (@therock) ...
  6. Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) ...
  7. Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian) ...
  8. Beyonce Knowles (@beyonce)
Feb 16, 2023

How am I eligible for monetization on Instagram? ›

Content creators and publishers can only monetize content that they created or were involved in the creation of, or that directly features the creator or publisher. Content that is unoriginal or reproduced without making meaningful enhancements (commentary, parody, creative editing, etc.) cannot be monetized.

How do I make my Instagram account eligible for monetization? ›

Have a Creator or Business account. Have at least 10,000 followers. Adhere to Instagram's Partner Monetization policies and content guidelines.

What is the Instagram limit 2023? ›

The video length limit for Instagram Live videos is 4 hours. For Instagram Reels it's 60 seconds. And the video length for Instagram Stories is 15 seconds. If you have videos that exceed these length limits then there are some ways to get around this.

What to expect from Instagram in 2023? ›

In 2023, expect the platform to become a space for experimentation, with new ways to connect with your audience. Test, have fun, and see what sticks.

What's new on Instagram 2023? ›

New Quiet Mode Feature - January 2023

The "Quiet mode" feature allows users to select a specific time of day or week when they don't want to receive notifications. An automated reply will be sent to anyone who messages during that time. This can help users to reduce their screen time.

How do you get paid for reels? ›

Because we pay out earnings on a monthly basis, you need to apply a reel toward the Instagram Reels Play bonus payout in the same month that you create the reel. The month-end deadline is 12am Pacific Time regardless of your timezone.

How much does Instagram pay for 1k followers? ›

Do you get paid for 1,000 followers on Instagram? Instagram accounts with 1,000 followers make $1,420/month on average and up to $100 per sponsored post.

How much does Instagram pay for 10k views? ›

According to Instagram influencer Matt Crump's Instagram Story, general pricing for all influencers look like this: 5-10k = $100 – $500. 10-25k = $500 – $800. 25-50k = $800 – $1500.

How long does it take to be eligible for monetization on Instagram? ›

IGTV ad monetization is only available to those who meet the following criteria: Facebook's Partner Monetization Policies state that an account must have 10,000 followers or more than 600,000 total minutes seen in the last 60 days to be compliant.

What's the maximum that Instagram is paying? ›

An influencer with 1 million Instagram followers will make $10,000 per post. If you are an influencer with more than 1 million followers, you can charge anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 per post or campaign.

How do you post on Instagram 2023? ›

To get started, click the Post option from the list of options. Your camera roll will pop up so you can select a photo or video you've already created—although you do have the option to tap the camera icon and take a photo or video right in the app.

How many likes Instagram per hour? ›

Likes. There is a limit on the number of likes you can perform on Instagram. This limit is 350 likes per hour. Chances are, unless you're using an automated tool or are highly active on Instagram, you won't hit this limit.


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