7 Ways To Monetize YouTube Channel (with examples and videos) (2023)

YouTube offers monetization options for content creators. These include advertising, selling Merch, and YouTube’s subscription service. However, if you want to get paid on YouTube without monetizing then you can leverage other opportunities like setting up a Patreon for your channel.

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Apart from Patreon, there are other ways to make money on YouTube without ads and that’s what you will learn today.

Also, you do not need 4000 watch hours or 1000 subscribers on your channel to make money using the below methods. However, achieving that milestone will be helpful when you are planning to scale or diversify your income source.

Here are the seven ways to monetize your YouTube channel without Adsense.


Sell ebooks

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Selling ebooks to your audience will get you the most profit out of all the methods.

The only investment is your time in creating the ebook. As an alternative, you can also hire someone on Fiverr to write for a few bucks.

Tip: Use software to convert blog articles into amazing e-books in 5 minutes. Check the software here.

It’s a small one-time investment, and after that, whatever you make is 100% profit.

Moreover, it is easy to create a product once you have an audience.

I know that most of the time, you would have heard people suggesting the other way.

Trust me!

It is a lot easier to find products for a group of an audience than having a product first and building an audience around that.

Wondering how to deliver the product or collect payment?

I useGumroadorSendowlto sell my digital products, and the best part is you can start free.

If you are selling a physical product, you can use Shopify or Etsy.

Tips to promote ebooks on youtube:

  1. Create engaging videos (short clips) that show book highlights
  2. Include book trailers (if appropriate)
  3. Video descriptions should be informative and innovative
  4. Create videos that have a strong call-to-action so viewers can find out more about the topic
  5. Add the link to your ebook after the intro in the description and in the pinned comment

How much can you make?

With a small channel, you can make anywhere from $300 to $1000 per month.

Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a partnership between brand and content creators where the brand will provide the content creator with an affiliate code or link.

Every time the content creator gets somebody to make a purchase or sometimes even just signing up for a free offer through a link, they are paid a commission.

On average the commission percentage range between 10 to 50 percent of the profits and that is why so often in the videos you will hear the YouTubers say something like “Don’t forget to use my code for $20 off your first purchase.”

Because they are promoting their affiliate code or link and every time their subscribers use the code, they are paid a portion of the profits.

This is one of the reasons why so many YouTubers link their equipment in the description box.

The most commonly used affiliate program is Amazon affiliates since many trust Amazon, and the chances of making a purchase are high.

Of course, not everyone can make a ton of money through affiliate marketing.

The best way to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing is by building a channel around a niche and promoting products specific to that niche.

Example: A YouTube channel around Keto recipes can promote a Keto diet plan.

In this way, you can increase the conversion rate.

Best practices on how to use YouTube for affiliate marketing

  1. Pick a good niche and target audience: You should focus on the type of content your audience would enjoy. For example, if you are promoting a car dealership, then you might want to create video tutorials that show people how to check out cars in their desired price range.
  2. Use relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions: It is important that you use words like “buy now” or “learn how to” in the title or description so that people know what they can expect from your videos. It is also important to use these keywords throughout the video tags so that people will see it when they search for.
  3. Tailor videos based on what type of audience you want to target; create videos that appeal to niche audiences like millennials or moms

How much can you make?

You can make a decent side hustle with a couple of hundred followers and a few thousand views.

Once you have 10K followers, you can make a full-time income without YouTube AdSense.

Recommended Affiliate Networks

  1. Amazon
  2. Clickbank
  3. Share A Sale


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Another simple and easy way to make money on Youtube is through crowdfunding.

You can ask people to fund your channel for you to keep creating valuable content.

Use your PayPal or Stripe account to get a unique link and put it in your channel description.

When people click through the link, they can contribute.

You can also do this professionally by signing up an account with patreon.com and invite people to help and support the channel.

I have seen many small YouTubes following this strategy. So, it works, give it a shot.

How much can you make?

There is no exact number as it depends on your target audience.

You should not target an audience that may not have a PayPal or Stripe account.

Some examples of a wrong audience could be people under the age of 17, and countries that do not support PayPal/Stripe.

Is there any fee or requirement to set up Patreon?

To become a Patreon, there is no fee or requirement for applicants. You can be an artist, musician, writer, or anyone else who is creative and passionate about what they do.

Is Patreon worth it in 2021?

Patreon allows creators to create exclusive content for their supporters and establish a sustainable income by doing what they love. However, Patreon does not work for everyone. It comes down to whether or not the creator is passionate about their work. So, if you are someone willing to go the extra mile to create some exclusive content for your audience, Patreon still works in 2021.

Sell your skill

You can make money by helping others with your skills as a YouTuber.

Being a YouTuber, you will probably know to create thumbnails and add intro/outro to your videos.

Why not make money with those skills when you are growing your channel?

I have seen a girl promoting a video intro in a Facebook beauty niche group. Within a few hours, over a hundred and fifty showed interest in hiring her for the work.

You know what you can also upsell your clients with other services like YouTube SEO and increase your profit.

This way, you can make some extra income while you are waiting for your YouTube channel to get monetized.

Platforms to sell YouTube as a service

While most platforms like Upwork and Freelancer are notorious for not paying their freelancers, there are a few platforms that are safe to post your job on. Here’s a list of good places:

1. 99designs: This platform is the best for designers who want to offer their services with guaranteed payments.

2. Elance: This platform allows freelancers to find projects and gets paid through a hybrid payment system where the freelancers get 80% after the project is finished while 20% goes into escrow until the project is finished.

3. Guru: Guru allows you to create jobs for freelance designers, programmers, writers, marketers, admins, and more with 0% fees plus a free software license of your choice

4. Upwork: Upwork is the largest online platform for freelancing with over $1 billion USD in transactions. More than 20 million freelancers from across the world use Upwork to find jobs and work on client projects

5. Fiverr: This platform offers lower rates for service than its competitors and they allow buyers&sellers to connect using a private messaging system.

How much can you make?

On average, a graphic designer for YouTube thumbnails will generally make between $200 and $500 per month. That’s not bad if you consider the fact that it only takes about half an hour to complete most designs.

Indirect Monetization

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Got a website or a blog?

Then YouTube becomes the best source for blog traffic, and it will help boost your website ranking.

Inside your blog, you can have affiliate links or your products to monetize.

You can also run ads on your website, and here you just need 100 visitors per month to qualify.

If you target a blog post with high CPC keywords, then you can make a lot of money with Google Adsense.

So, use your YouTube to drive traffic to your blog post and start making money indirectly.

In case you do not have a blog, build it today. It’s just not a website; it’s your online asset.

Here you can go and start your blow Today!

Blogging Tips:

What about the times when you are not sure about your next blog content?

Simply re-purpose your YouTube videos as a blog post or vice versa.

That is what most people do, and they have a web presence in multiple mediums.

How much can you make?

With the rising popularity of blogging, more and more people are getting into this career. On average, a person can make up to $16,000 per year by blogging.

However, this number will vary depending on the frequency of posts and how well you monetize your blog through ads or affiliate links.

Generate leads

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Lead generation is one of my favorite methods where you can collect leads and send them to CPA offers and make money on a per lead basis.

You can partner with brands on Maxbounty and send them leads through your YouTube channel.

Some brands pay when a user installs an app through your link or signs up for a free trial.

Here your viewers need not purchase anything; instead, they have taken some action like mentioned above so you can make your commission.

SurveyJunkey pays around $1.50 for each email signup through your like.

Many people have made quite a great fortune through CPA marketing.

So, this is something I can recommend to get started while waiting for your channel to be monetized.

How much can you make?

The lead generation industry has a wide range of opportunities for people with different skill sets. The most successful individuals make between $1,000 to $20,000 per month.

Lead generation service providers will typically charge by the number and quality of leads generated by each campaign. The average cost is between $18-30 per lead for top-tier providers.

Run Shout-outs

The last but not least method to earn from your YouTube channel is to sell shoutouts.

My suggestion would be to turn down the first offer that you receive.

Trust me, and you will be approached by plenty of people with a better price and always try to negotiate and get a better deal.

One key aspect here is, you should always make sure that you are promoting something relevant to your audience.

Else it will turn them off, and you will see a decline in engagement and views in the long run.

How much can you make?

Sponsorship on YouTube can be a lucrative career opportunity for many content creators.

On average, you can make $500 per month from brand sponsorship. But the amount differs from channel to channel as well as sponsorship opportunities that the brand offers.

Depending on how much of your content is sponsored, how desirable are your videos and how often do you post it will vary on how much money you can make.

Any other information on YouTube monetization alternatives?

Always disclose your partnership, affiliate links, and promotions in your video description and comply with all YouTube policies.

So when your YouTube channel goes for monetization review, you will not have any issues.

Also, you do not have to be on camera to make YouTube videos to get monetized.

That’s all I have for now.

I hope you enjoyed reading the different ways to make money on YouTube without Adsense.

If you find this article informative, please share it with your friends and family.


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